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Why Are Grab Lorries In Such High-Demand?

Why Are Grab Lorries In Such High-Demand?

For many years, it was clear that skip-hire was the most popular form of waste management; these units could be transported with ease, and you were subsequently able to organise your construction site in such a way that meant that your operations weren’t impeded. Now, however, there has been something of a shift. Namely, this relates to the fact that grab hire lorries are seeing their popularity boom in a never-before seen fashion. Here to elaborate on why you might wish to consider going down this route, are the Smiths Recycling experts.

Excellent Capacity

If you have never-before had the opportunity to take-advantage of a grab lorry, the first thing that you need to learn is that they are almost-unmatched from a capacity standpoint. Whatsmore, they are adept at being able to handle almost-any material that you have, ensuring that there are no-further obstacles that need to be overcome. It does not matter if, for instance, you have an abundance of cement-based waste in your possession – the grab lorry will deal with this without any real issues.

Much-Needed Convenience

Whilst skips do carry their own various benefits, there is one drawback that many people tend to overlook, and this is that they can be notoriously difficult to move once they have been filled-up. In contrast to this, grab lorries are designed in such a way that means that even with a heavy load, they are highly-maneuverable. You will find it difficult to locate an alternative waste carrier that offers you the same degree of convenience as is available when you opt for a grab lorry.

No Permits Required

Should you have been through the hassle that is associated with acquiring a permit for a skip, the chances are that you will not want to repeat this anytime in the near future. Thankfully, attaining a grab lorry can make your life significantly easier, which we are sure is an opportunity that you will be thrilled to grasp with both hands. This is ideal if you are working to a rather tight deadline, and as-such cannot afford to wait the days that are needed to get a permit approved. In the short-term, there is no-better option than a grab lorry.

Less Manpower Required

On your site, you will have various workers that day-after-day will exhaust themselves completing heavy-duty tasks. Therefore, it is only-natural that you will want to try and ease the burden on their shoulders. Instead of forcing them to constantly re-fill skips during their rest periods, you can use a grab lorry – the arm that is attached can drastically speed up the process, as well as enable your team to conserve their energy. As time goes on, you can be rest-assured that this decision will pay dividends, particularly when you consider the productivity levels.

What Can We Offer You?

Although you may have now seen the various benefits associated with grab hire services, you might still be somewhat undecided on the company that you wish to turn-to for grab hire in Milton Keynes. It could be that you want them to be experienced in the art of waste management, and can subsequently give you the choice between various grab hire lorries. If this is the case, you are in luck – Smiths Recycling fits this description perfectly. With skip hire options available, we are well-equipped to deal with any customer that comes our way. Think that the time has come to make an initial inquiry regarding the prices of our services? Your best-bet to reach us would be to pick up the phone and call 01908 394231 today. 

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