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What Type Of Aggregate Should You Purchase For Your Construction Project?

What Type Of Aggregate Should You Purchase For Your Construction Project?

When you are looking to create a top-tier building for a client, naturally you will want to be able to make-use of the best possible materials. Whilst your focus will automatically focus on timber frames and high-end windows, you should not disregard the fact that you need to spend sensibly on aggregates. There are various different options from which to choose from, all of which have a valuable role to play in the grand scheme of things. If you would like to familiarise yourself with some of these, Smiths Recylcing’s thoughts on the matter can be found below.


If this is your first foray into the world of construction, you might not realise quite how important sand can be. On its own, it is true that it has limited application potential; however, it is when it is combined with other materials that it truly begins to shine. Case-and-point, when you are looking to create durable and long-lasting cement, a combination of sand and gravel can be a fantastic option to utilise. Should you be trying to remain traditional in your methods, this is what you need to order.

Crushed Concrete

You will find it incredibly difficult to source a construction site in the UK that does not, in some way or another, use crushed concrete. For countless years, this has been seen as one of the most integral parts of any building project, and it is hard to foresee this changing anytime in the near future. When used in the correct fashion, concrete is a durable and dependable material that can easily be used not only for foundations, but also for external structures.

Top Soil

For those of you that have recently been contracted to oversee an external renovation, the chances are that you will be looking to acquire a bulk order of top soil. This type of material plays a vital role when you are trying to create a top-tier finish, as it can ensure that you are able to decorate as you like. Not only this, but the nutritional value that top soil contains means that you should have no-trouble in seeing a large quantity of greenery sprouting out of the ground in no time.

Why Choose Us?

If you have now come to a decision regarding the construction aggregate that you believe is best-suited to your particular project, the final stage of the process involves determining the company that you would like to carry out the delivery service. In truth, there is only one firm that you should turn your attention towards, and that is Smiths Recycling. We have proven ourselves time-and-again to be head-and-shoulders above the competition, and we take great pride in maintaining our high standards. This is evidenced by the glowing Google Reviews that we routinely receive from our customers; after reading these, you should have no-doubts about our proficiency in the field. 

Start Your Journey Today

At first glance, you may feel as if sourcing an aggregate supplier in Milton Keynes is a task that can be completed in a relatively short space of time. Although there is an abundance of options to choose from, it is hard to think of a more suitable candidate to assist you than Smiths Recycling. Within our catalogue of products, you can find some of the finest aggregates in Milton Keynes, all of which are available at competitive-yet-affordable prices. Do you want to talk to us in greater detail about your needs, or have any queries about the products mentioned above? If so, feel free to submit your details to us using our website’s enquiry form – we will do all that we can to respond to you as quickly as possible. 

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