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Smith Recycling 40 yard roll on/roll off container

40 Yard – Roll-on/roll-off Container

This is the largest skip we offer, and can hold up to 400 bags of waste. It is capable of waste removal for the biggest clearance projects, and can hold impressive quantities of bricks, soil, timber, or even concrete.

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Smith Recycling 35 yard roll on/roll off enclosed container

35 Yard – Roll-on/roll-off Enclosed Container

A roll-on/roll-off enclosed container can hold even more than the open one, with a capacity of 350 bags. It is perfect for confidential materials, or waste which must be kept dry, and it prevents theft.

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Smith Recycling 20 yard roll on/roll off container

20 Yard – Roll-on/roll-off Container

A roll-on/roll-off container is designed for trade use, and removal of heavy construction waste. This skip can hold an impressive 200 bags of waste, which is why it requires removal by a truck.

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Smith Recycling 12 yard large skip

14 Yard – Large Skip

Our 14-yard skips are frequently used for demolition and construction waste, and other large loads of bulky items. A skip like this can handle up to 140 bin bags.

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Smith Recycling 12 yard enclosed skip

12 Yard – Enclosed Skip

This type has all the benefits of a normal large skip, such as its capacity for bigger loads, but it also has the advantage of being enclosed. This means it prevents unauthorised access and  you can remove hazardous materials safely. It can also hold up to 140 bags of waste.

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Smith Recycling 12 yard large skip

12 Yard – Large Skip

In our 12 yard skips you can easily fit larger bulky items such as furniture etc. making them ideal for house and garage clearances, or if you have light compactable waste this skip size will hold approximately 120 bin bags. These skips are not suitable for heavy items such as paving slabs, soils, tarmac etc.

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Smith Recycling 8 yard midi builders skip

8 Yard – Midi Builders Skip

The 8-yard skip can handle bulky items from building sites or large domestic projects, such as landscaping and renovations. This skip has a capacity of about 80 bags.

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Smith Recycling 6 yard midi builders skip

6 Yard – Midi Builders Skip

The ‘builders’ skip is, as the name suggests, designed for builder’s waste on construction or demolition sites. This includes inert waste such as sand, concrete or soil. It can hold 60 bin bags worth of waste.

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Smith Recycling 4 yard mini skip

4 Yard – Mini Skip

This size is big enough to use for larger domestic projects as it can hold 40 bags of waste. A 4-yard skip is useful for house renovations, newly built houses, and greater garden projects.

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Smith Recycling 2 yard mini skip

2 Yard – Mini Skip

A 2-yard skip can hold approximately 20 bags of material, these smaller skips are most frequently used for home projects such as DIY, gardening, and clearing out your house.

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