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Materials That You Should Always Look To Recycle

Materials That You Should Always Look To Recycle

As you may have noticed, the world as a whole has become significantly more-conscious for the need to recycle as much as possible in recent years. This stems from the fact that, over the past century, a devastating amount of damage has been done to the environment, due to the quantity of waste that we have been producing. As a construction firm, you have an obligation to try and remain proactive in this department. Below, courtesy of the Smiths Recycling team, you can find a breakdown of the materials that you should be looking to recycle in a responsible fashion.  

Nylon Sacks

When you purchase materials, in bulk, from a retailer, you can usually expect that these will be delivered in nylon sacks; the reason for this is that they are surprisingly durable, and can handle large loads with relative ease. Unfortunately, after people have taken delivery of their order, the usual routine consists of putting these into generic bins. What many companies fail to take into account is that we now have the equipment necessary to recycle these. Repurposing these types of products is the way of the future, and we strongly recommend that you become part of this movement. 


Most people in this day-and-age are already well-aware of the need to dispose of waste timber through the use of recycling. However, we still believe that it is prudent to reinforce this point.  Although the harvesting methods have certainly improved recently, you cannot ignore the fact that there is a dwindling supply of natural wood. Therefore, you should leap at every opportunity to be part of the solution, and use your obsolete wooden materials to help others in need.


A large quantity of construction workers believe that due to plastic’s artificial nature, it cannot be reused – this could not be further from the truth. Provided that you utilise the services of a proficient recycling plant, this can be melted down and utilised in a future manufacturing process. Whether you are in possession of plastic film that was holding together your bricks and mortar, or plastic cable ties that you have cut-up, you will certainly be able to find a good home for these products.


Although you might not have realised it, there is a great amount of metal that is wasted on almost-all construction sites situated in the UK. When materials come, they are not always to the correct specification, and must be altered so that they conform to the needs of the project – metal is no exception to this rule. You might have trimmed steel beams, for instance, so that they can be erected with ease. Rather than simply throw this away, you can take the extra effort to ensure that it is recycled. In the long-run, it is small actions such as these that can have a big impact on the world that we live in.

Smiths Recycling – Who Are We?

Have you been searching high-and-low for a company that can offer you services relating to waste recycling in Milton Keynes, but have so far been left empty-handed? Would you like to organise a waste collection from your construction site, with the materials subsequently taken to a professional recycling centre? If you can relate to either of these situations, you will be delighted to hear that in Smiths Recycling, you have the perfect company for the job. Since we first opened our doors for business, we have made a name for ourselves for being proficient in waste management collection services. To educate yourself further about how we can be of assistance, please follow the contact methods that are illustrated on our website. 

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