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Factors To Take Into Consideration When Hiring A Skip

Factors To Take Into Consideration When Hiring A Skip

There are numerous occasions that you may be forced to look into the possibility of using a skip for a short space of time. Perhaps you are a construction firm that is finishing a job, and now need to start the clear-up process; it could be that you are renovating your home, and require somewhere to put your waste materials temporarily. Whatever the case may be, Smiths Recycling is here to guide you through some of the important considerations that you need to take into account before pushing ahead. 

Are Permits Required When Hiring A Skip?

Should you be operating on a large, open-plan construction site that is far-away from the general public, you needn’t worry – you will not be required to obtain a skip permit prior to the unit being delivered. However, the same cannot be said if your plan is to have your skip residing on, for instance, the road, or a public pathway. In scenarios such as these, you will need to get in touch with your local authority, highlighting your plans and the skip size that you will be using. Once approval has been granted, you can proceed as you initially intended.

What Are The Limitations?

If you have not previously had the opportunity to use a professional skip service, now is the time to brush-up on what you can-and-cannot place into one of these units. On the whole, there is very little that is considered to be off-limits; however, there are exceptions to this rule. Case-and-point, corrosive materials, which include household batteries, are forbidden, as these can pose health risks to those who are tasked with sorting through your items at a later date. Similarly, anything that contains asbestos should be disposed of in a different fashion.

Size Requirements

For most people, this is by far-and-away the most important factor that you will need to think about; in essence, you will have to boil down the project that you are working on, and try to estimate the level of waste that is going to be produced. Naturally, you will not wish to invest in a maxi-skip, only to discover that it is needlessly large, thereby meaning that you have wasted your money. Similarly, there is little-point in hiring a mini-skip, when you know that you will be generating a significant amount of excess. 

Length Of Contract

When you first start to negotiate with a professional skip service, one of the first things that they will ask you is in regards to the length of time that you need it for. The reason for this is that they may specialise in short-term loans, rather than extended contracts. Before you get too deep into negotiations, we strongly recommend that you have this discussion with your prospective provider – it could save you a great deal of time in the long-run.

Take The Next Step

Hopefully, you will now have the knowledge that is required to ensure that the next time you require a skip hire service, you will make the right decision. With a range of sizes from which to choose from, it is important that you do not rush this process, as this will heighten the chance that the outcome will be less-than satisfactory. Should you be interested in finding a company which offers both waste removal services and cheap skip hire in Milton Keynes, we are pleased to inform you that Smiths Recycling is here to help. Our services are cost-effective, and will always leave you with a smile on your face. Please don’t hesitate to call us on 01908 394231 if you wish to elect us as your local skip hire company. 

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