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Materials That You Should Always Look To Recycle

As you may have noticed, the world as a whole has become significantly more-conscious for the need to recycle as much as possible in recent years. This stems from the fact that, over the past century, a devastating amount of damage has been done to the environment, due to the quantity of waste that we have been producing. As a construction firm, you have an obligation to try and remain proactive in this department. Below, courtesy of the Smiths Recycling team, you can find a breakdown of the materials that you should be looking to recycle in a responsible fashion.  …

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Common Recycling Myths That You Need To Ignore

As the years have gone by, recycling has gone from being something of a hobby that was completed by the minority of individuals, to a mandated practice that can have incredible results on the way in which we live our lives. Unfortunately, there are a number of ill-informed rumours in circulation that cause people to second-guess whether or not they should join the recycling community. Here at Smiths Recycling, we take great pride in being well-versed in this department; as such, allow us to offer some clarity on the situation. ‘Separation Is A Must’ When you first move in to a…

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How to Dispose of Bricks, Rubble & Building Waste

Whether you’re doing a bit of home landscaping or taking on a commercial demolition project, the results are always the same: mess. When it comes to any tasks of this nature, you’re bound to find yourself burdened with piles of bricks, rubble and building waste. Disposing of it all may seem like a mammoth task, but it can be made simple with the right services. Discover how to dispose of your building waste in a safe, effective and cost-effective manner. Should I dispose of my waste myself? It is not recommended that you dispose of your waste yourself. In almost all…

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Ramp up your Recycling Role with Smith Recycling!

We’re all currently doing our best to slim down that carbon footprint, to boost sustainability wherever possible and to make the world a greener place to be. With so much emphasis on environmental awareness, be it through the news or the products we buy or even the way we drive our cars, have you considered how your domestic DIY project or your business may benefit from a greener approach? Here at Smith Recycling (MK) Ltd, we have a solution that might just supply the ecological edifice you’ve been looking for! Whether you’re digging up your back garden or have a few…

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How to Protect the Environment Through Skip Hire

Waste removal can always be a difficult and time consuming task to manage yourself, whether you’re a homeowner or in charge of a commercial enterprise. Ensuring that waste removal and recycling is dealt with professionally, effectively and safely relies on specialist management of waste removal. Hiring a skip from us here at Smith Recycling (MK) Ltd is therefore one of the most effective and sensible options for domestic and commercial waste removal projects alike. Our latest article runs through why a managed skip hire service ensures the best possible outcome for recycling, your waste and the environment.

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